The Original Waspinator

The Original Waspinator
Based on an old remedy for deterring wasps the Waspinator is the newest Wasp Control Product on the market in Europe. The Waspinator does not attract wasps like many of the traditional wasp traps. Colour and shape of the Waspinator take advantage of the territorial instinct of many wasp species. As the wasps fly towards the Waspinator they think it is an enemy nest and steer away.
No harmful chemicals are being used: the Waspinator is environmentally friendly. Wasps are useful insects; they form an integral part in our ecosystem's balance.
The Original Waspinator
The Waspinator belongs under every Garden Umbrella "Those things even work in the Toscana region of Italy. Under the Pergola as well as under the Garden Umbrella. All our visitors were amazed. For large areas several Waspinators should be used; about one for every 7 square metres.
I would like to order another 10 Waspinators for me and my friends."
Mag. Paul S., Wien

"Even swabian wasps are respecting the Waspinator. It is quiet again under the apple tree in our backyard. Thanks to the Waspinator, the wasps are now letting us enjoy our get-togethers with coffee and cake.
I will definitely recommend the Waspinator to all my friends."
Dietmar S., Bietigheim

*NOTE: There are many species of wasps worldwide and the Original Waspinator may not work for some types of wasps.

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